The Dreamteam - 4-Ever
The Dreamteam - 4-Ever

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The hardcore quartet 'The Dreamteam', founded in 1991, were indispensable for years in the Dutch hardcore scene. With legendary performances on almost every well respected hardcore party and with tons of productions, of which many became classics, The Dreamteam belonged to the absolute top for years. Until 2005, after almost 14 years of performing, the engine of The Dreamteam ran out of gas. The busy tour schedule around the world had taken its tol. Musically and socially the members of The Dreamteam needed a break. But now, after years of radio silence, The Dreamteam is back! The studios were dusted, The Prophet was exchanged for MC Da Mouth Of Madness and there were made hard deadlines. The result; a fantastic hardcore album, titled '4 Ever' which we undoubtedly can label as a classic in a couple of years

1- MC Da Mouth of Madness - Intro (01:01)
2- Buzz Fuzz - In Dreamzz (05:12)
3- Gizmo - Being A Gangsta (04:58)
4- Dano ft Skuffa - Don't Patronize Us! (05:27)
5- Buzz Fuzz - My Imagination (03:59)
6- Gizmo ft Symastic - Clean Your Nose (Early Rave Refix) (06:06)
7- Dano ft Skuffa - About Dreamteam (04:28)
8- Buzz Fuzz - Numb (06:30)
9- Gizmo ft Symastic - Get Up (Gizmo's Refix) (05:50)
10- Buzz Fuzz - Dreamgirl (Na-Goyah Remix) (05:08)
11- Buzz Fuzz - S.O.S. Message In A Bottle (04:49)
12- Dano ft D-Xtreme - @ 4:44 The Journey Begins (04:43)
13- Gizmo - End Of The Beginning (Headbanger Remix) (05:18)
14- Dano - Welcome To The Thunderdome (Buzz Fuzz Remix) (03:48)
15-Dano - We Still Fuck Em All (Leviathan vs The Philosopher v) (04:36)
16- MC Da Mouth of Madness - Outro (04:32)
17- Buzz Fuzz - Beathooverz (Bonus Track) (01:16)