Dj Promo - The Worst Of 3
Dj Promo - The Worst Of 3




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Delivered in bronze gold, the third and latest chapter of the ultimate Promo collection: The Worst Of 3! From dusty DAT tapes in Promo’s archive to more recent drops, The Worst Of 3 has it all. Hello analogue kicks, welcome digital distortion. Two discs, 30 tracks, one name printed in gold: Promo. Bridging the past eras of his discography, The Worst Of 3 contains Promo tracks that made their mark in times of gabber, newstyle, the millennial resurrection and the resurfaced force that was the zeroes. The result, a document capturing both time and progress. A must-have for all collectors of the core! This is indeed the opposite of best, the utmost reflection of greatness, this is Promo’s The Worst Of 3! The third chapter of the official collection of Promo tracks and tunes. Relive bygone times or discover gems unheard, there’s fun for everyone!"  

1. Vicious Circle (Ft. X-ess)
2. Among The Best
3. Bad Boy Dj
4. Different Breed Of Men
5. Demons (Promo Remix)
6. We Got To Advance
7. Follow My Movement
8. Always Futile
9. That Ain't Real
10. The Tablet
11. Boomin' Out The Box
12. 20.000 Freaks
13. Enemies 4 Life (Promo Mix)
14. My Beating Drum
15. Unafraid

1. I Wanna Freak You
2. Doing My Thing
3. Back Thru Da Past (As Hardcore Brothers)
4. System Feedback
5. Lyin' Through Your Teeth (Ft. Vince)
6. I Am The Law (As The Judges)
7. Bij Gebrek Aan Beter (Ft. Alex B)
8. Real Rude (Ft. The Wishmaster)
9. Open (Upside Down) (Ft. The Playah)
10. Fixxxed
11. Sing It Louder
12. Rising Out Of The Dark
13. My Recipe For Disaster
14. Don't Be Fucking With My Shit
15. Spineless