Promo - True Tones (2CD)
Promo - True Tones (2CD)




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The blinding truth, a foresight into the future. Promo presents: True Tones! Set on a mission to take on hardcore in all its glory and darkness, Promo delivers with Style.

Hitting reset and setting sights on to the challenge, Promo revived his studio from ground up. The album - containing mostly new material - defines the next chapter in the unstoppable Promo-sound. This one is all about keeping it real and taking matters into your own hands: kick, melody and distortion. A true movement on its own.
True Tones tracks range from pure euphoria to kick drum hardcore with a little conflict here and there. This is positive energy packed among 4x4 rhythms with some slick drops just when you don't expect them.

Supporting a range of guest vocalists, unexpected co-ops with Marc Acardipane, Tha Playah and more, familiar faces like D-Passion and crushing remixes (from the likes of N-Vitral to name one) the end result is a definition of hardcore allegiance. Staying true to your roots and never hesitating to take the next step forward: True Tones, by all means necessary. He's got your attention. You can't ignore.

True Tones is available as digipak featuring all the tracks divided among 2 discs all packed and ready to play.

101 The corrupt will destruct
102 Legends Unite (feat Marc Acardipane & The Ultimate MC)
103 True tones (feat Minckz)
104 Knock knock
105 Methamfetamine
106 Open(upside down) (feat Tha Playah & Snowflake)
107 The answer (feat Ominous)
108 Rhythm flow
109 So sick
110 My tone
111 Light up the sky
112 Far beyond
113 Valentina (feat Mortifer)
114 Unafraid

201 Credit crunch
202 Tester of the hard shit
203 Eradicate
204 Like we used to do
205 Unbreakable
206 Underground philosophy
207 Analog (feat D-Passion)
208 Lights out
209 Lyin' through your teeth (N-Vitral's Rebasher mix)
210 Gloryfucker (feat D-passion)
211 Conflict
212 Fuck them followers (D-Passion remix)
213 100% pure
214 Spineless