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The king is back! This is Authentic, the Promo album ready to destroy limits. Knowing where you're from and where you're headed is the trick in staying true to yourself. Keeping it real, hardcore style. As kicks evolve and melody remains, this return to form is what defines the Promo sound. Music without limitations. Getting your freak on in the studio, on the dancefloor, wherever! As long as the bass drums are hard and the sound is pure. Like a crypto currency that increases in value every kick of the drum, Authentic just keeps on growing.

From the first sounds of `The sheep dog' to the high tempo madness that is `Vergif', this ultra combo of a release get things going. Promo knows his way around the keys and it shows. From dancing deep in the dark abyss to reaching high in the sky for pure enlightenment, Authentic delivers the goods. Special mention goes out to Ophidian and Myréan who co-produced / are featured in `Born to break', a subtle composition that will take you by storm. Packing the prism of sound that is Authentic, hardcore is in for a treat. Big kicks, distorted experiments and killer melody to crank your speakers.

The impact is Authentic! So fold your bills, get ready and best of all: play it loud!

1. The sheep dog
2. Foul Behaviour
3. A creature apart
4. A new dawn
5. Moment of clarity
6. Lord of undow
7. Authentic
8. Content is king
9. The lion's roar
10. Paid my dues
11. Past to the present
12. Born to break
13. The king stay the king
14. The drum off
15. Work ethic
16. Fragment of a broken soul
17. Crunch time
18. Vergif