Mindustries - Minds In Motion
Mindustries - Minds In Motion




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The power of mind over matter, movements in effect. Before you: 'Minds in motion', the album byMindustries. Packing 13 brand new tracks, this thrill ride of a release takes industrial hardcore by the neck.From the first kick-drums in 'Juggernaut' to the broken impact near 'The end', there's plenty of room for both depth and intensity. Open to exploration, the symbiotic force that isMindustries has maintained their industrial edge, and this pack of hardcore machinery proves so. In random order, the 13 tracks on the album deliver power in all sorts of ways. Darkness, industrial funk, dirty distortion and mindustrial anarchy. Add some unexpected rhythms and doomed atmospheres to the mix and you've got 'Minds in motion'. Drum kits have been pillaged to create this piece! And sound-systems will follow. Breaking the mold, the Mindustries duo has stepped up to the occasion and evolved their sound. Provoking motion, featuring a taste for the unexpected and fresh till the last reverb, Mindustriesgives the movement the fix it deserves. Tech noire at its finest. 'Minds in motion' is a true album in its subtle evolution of sound. Featuring over an hour of industrial hardcore experiments, these tunes will manifest themselves into mind, body and soul. Anything can happen if you put your mind to it. And this long anticipated follow-up to the Mindustries debut album certainly delivers the goods. This is so much more than a sequel, it's a declaration of independence. Free from expectations, productions from the heart. Dropping high-tech production skills and a flair for the industrial,Mindustries took up the bet and has just raised the odds.

01. Juggernaut
02. Beyond Control
03. Vengeance
04. Meddling Glass
05. Minds in Motion
06. Definder
07. Intoxication of Power
08. Empty spaces
09. Nightmare creatures
10. Walking into Darkness
11. Bitz
12. Tech Noire
13. The End