Igneon System - The Alliance
Igneon System - The Alliance

NEW CD 8717472374752 - HERSY011



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At the start of the Heresy era we had a vision, a purpose. The wish for brutality. This wish was fulfilled by our leader and patriarch, Igneon System. The alliance was formed with an army of soldiers supporting this vision and results in the very first official Igneon System album.

Igneon System combined his strength with the power of several artists that were willing to fight along. Heresy XI, "The Alliance", has its focus on unity, diversity and originality with a wide range of a few of the best producers in the underground hardcore and crossbreed scene.

01 Mind Control (Dither remix)
02 Jack No. 7 (feat. [KRTM])
03 Divergent (feat. The Clamps)
04 Count to Four (feat. Sinister Souls)
05 Extinction (Meander remix)
06 The Wish for Brutality (Angel remix)
07 Identity Relapse (Switch Technique remix)
08 Sins (feat. Deathmachine) (The Outside Agency remix)
09 C.U.N.T.S. (feat. Miss Hysteria)
10 Demons (feat. The Clamps) (Detest remix)
11 Crisis Situation (N-Vitral remix)
12 Anger Management (feat. Switch Technique)
13 A New World Order (feat. Sei2ure)
14 Zero Heroes (feat. Deathmachine
15 Jump the F@#* Up (feat. N-Vitral)


8717472374752 - HERSY011