Hardcore The 2010 Yearmix
Hardcore The 2010 Yearmix




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Tracklist 1
1.N-Vitral - Ghettocore
2.N-Vitral - Default Interface
3.N-Vitral - Shoque
4.Tymon Feat. Negative Network - Decapitate (Broken Rules Mash Mix)
5.Moleculez - Inhumanoid
6.Sei2ure - Assault
7.Tymon - Pain Tripper
8.Negative A And Counterfeit - Hypnotize The Weak
9.Moleculez - Vertigo Part 2
10.The Moleculez & Relic - Sentinel Killer
11.The Relic - The Search For Humanity
12.Tymon - Ambush
13.Negative A - Mark Of The Beast
14.The Outside Agency & Tapage - Choice Mission
15.Unexist - Don't Exist
16.Tymon - That's Why
17.Meccano Twins - Gamma Release
18.Mindustries - Throes Of Rejection (Nosferatu And Endymion Remix)
19.Arjuna & Beyonder - Shoot That Motherfuck (Negative A Rmx 2010)
20.Sei2ure - Hunting For Bounty
21.Moleculez & Mental Wreckage - Rawk & Roll
22.Negative A And Counterfeit - D.M.F.D.T.
23.Tieum And Ophidian - Distorted Information
24.Mad Dog - Next Level
25.Negative A - I'm
26.Ophidian - Lost In The Forest
27.Korsakoff & Day-Mar - Screwdriver
28.The Viper And Endymion - My Music World
29.G-Town Madness - Headbanger
30.Tha Playah - The Rule Of Cool (Art Of Fighters Rmx)
31.E-Noid - Rage
32.Unexist & Mad Dog - D3stroy The System
33.D-Passion - Power Of Fear
34.Tieum And Ophidian - Black Sun
35.Furyan - Maincore Overload
36.Wishmaster And Promo - Real Rude
37.E-Noid - Aggressive Behaviour (Negative A Remix)
38.Promo - Hunger
39.Kasparov - Keep Going
40.Dione - Beat Is Pumping
41.Negatvie A And Counterfeit - Present Danger
42.Dione - Soldiers Of The Core
43.Sei2ure - Love From Hell
44.Promo - Vooral Niet Te Moeilijk
45.Ophidian - Abandon
46.Negative A And Counterfeit - Ritual Killing
47.The Genesis Projection - Zeta
48.Dj Sim - Simbiosis (Dj Obscurity Rmx)
49.Unexist Feat. Satronica - Fuck The System
50.E-Noid - DX2r
51.Unexist - No_1
52.Angerfist - And Jezus Wept
53.The Wishmaster - Bottle
54.Neophyte - The New Shit
55.David Central - Fucking Loud
56.Tommyknocker - Demolition (Evil Activities & Lenny Dee Remix)
57.Tieum Ft Partyraiser And Mc Da Hustla - The Empire Strikes Back
58.Furyan - When Worlds Collide
59.Partyraiser - Time To Raise Party
60.Roland & Sherman - Somewhere Down The Lane
61.Na-Goyah And s'Aphira - Create The Future
62.Lunatic & Miss Hysteria - P.U.S.S.Y. (Tieum Remix)
63.Furyan - Inevitable
64.Neophyte And Drokz - Sloop Die Speakers
65.Tha Playah - Call My Name
66.Unexist - Sick Rhymes
67.The Punisher - Fuck The Party (Tieum Remix)
68.Noisekick - Stand Back
69.Bouncemasters - Playing Shit
70.Noize Suppressor Feat. Lenny Dee - Chicken Dance
71.Unexist - Body Bag
72.T.O.P.D.R.O.P. - Achtung (Angerfist Remix)
73.3 Steps Ahead - In The Name Of Love (Negative A Refix)
74.Hollands Hardest - Harder Dan De Rest (Neophytes Nog Steeds Mix)
75.Noisekick - Death By Firing Squad

Tracklist 2
1.Evil Activities - Pray For Me
2.Dj D - Live
3.Kasparov - Trapped In This World
4.Brennan Heart - Feel U Here (G-Town Madness And The Viper Hardcore Remix)
5.The Korsakoff & Viper - Re-Bottled
6.Nitrogenetics - Mu-Sick
7.Angels Of Darkness - The Scorpion King (Weapon X Remix)
8.Furyan - Rhythmic Metaphor
9.Dj D - Cold As Ice (Tha Playah Remix)
10.Mad-E-Fact - The Hustle (Tha Playah & Evil Activities Remix)
11.Weapon X - For The Haterz
12.Hellsystem Vs. Dj D - Something To Fear
13.G-Town Madness Feat. The Viper - Rock This Mf
14.The Viper & Endymion Feat. Nikitta - Sanity
15.Javi Boss - Hypnosis
16.Weapon X - Where My Party People At
17.Furyan - Dangerous
18.Alpha2 & Wildstylez - Atrocious (Kasparov Remix)
19.Triax Feat. Mr. Sinister - System Collapse
20.Endymion And Art Of Fighters - A New Today
21.Triax Vs. D-Ceptor & Newstyler - Our Game
22.Art Of Fighters Feat. Nikkita - Symphony Of The Dead
23.Anime - Detonate
24.Tommyknocker Feat. Ian K - Scream
25.Tommyknocker - In The Shadow
26.Prolaxx And Outrage - Basterds
27.Rayden - Forget Da Violence
28.Dj Mad Dog - The Flow
29.Alien T - Bullets In Their Heads
30.Anime - Believe
31.Tha Playah - Hit 'Em (Ea Vs. The Viper Remix)
32.Hellsystem Vs. Dj D - Blood
33.Stereotype - Forge The Imminent
34.Ruffneck & Ophidian - Elegy (Nothing Can Last Forever)
35.Noize Suppressor - Fucked Up
36.Nitrogenetics Vs. Rayden - No Heroes
37.Ruffneck & Endymion - Justice
38.Na-Goyah - Faith
39.Outblast - Eardrumz (Kutski & Bioweapon Remix)
40.Ruffneck & Nosferatu - A Forgotten Tune
41.Weapon X - Bad Boy
42.The Hitmen Feat. Mike Redman - Gods Will
43.Jeremy - The Flow (T-Junction And Rudeboy Remix)
44.Dyprax - Depths Of Sin
45.Eastside Connection - Our Message
46.Wildtsylez - No Time To Waste (The Viper's Black Rmx)
47.Tha Playah - Dicks, Pussy's And Assholes
48.Amnesys - Ctrl D_Future
49.Predator Vs. Hellsystem - 2012
50.Alien T - Ghetto Mentality
51.Predator Vs. Hellsystem - Addicted 2 Violence
52.Placid K - Compagneros (Endymion Rmx)
53.Mad Dog - Here Comes The Madness
54.Korsakoff - Pink Noise
55.Evil Activities - Evil Inside
56.Amnesys - Refly
57.T-Junction And Angerfist - Deadly Volts
58.Meccano Twins - Time Has Come
59.Predator And Angerfist - The Switch (Meccano Twins Remix)
60.Catscan Vs. Predator - Fire And Ice
61.Outblast & Angerfist Feat. Tha Watcher - The Voice Of Mayhem
62.Predator And Re-Style - Lost Kingdom
63.Nosferatu - Leave Me Forever In The Dark
64.Stunned Guys, The And Art Of Fighters - United By Hardness
65.Predator - Demon Pit (Angerfist Remix)
66.Dyprax And Angerfist - The Pearly Gates
67.Hellsystem - Shut Up And Die (Angerfist Remix)
68.Neophyte - Live And Loud (Neophyte And Tha Playahs Loud Mix)
69.Re-Style - Rise Of The Ruler
70.Dr. Z-Vago - Blow My Horn (Re-Style Remix)
71.T-Junction And Angerfist - A New Level Of Freak
72.Amnesys - System Crash
73.The Stunned Guys & Amnesys - The Symphony Of Sins
74.Rayden - Ultimate Baxtard
75.Paul Elstak - I'm Not An Addict