Traxtorm 20 Years Top 30 (3LP)

  • Traxtorm 20 Years Top 30 (3LP)
  • Traxtorm 20 Years Top 30 (3LP)
  • Traxtorm 20 Years Top 30 (3LP)
  • Traxtorm 20 Years Top 30 (3LP)
  • Traxtorm 20 Years Top 30 (3LP)
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This year we’ve celebrated 20 years of Traxtorm! 20 amazing years especially thanks to you.
And, through the voting of “Traxtorm Top 30”, you have created the long-awaited album, to be released only on a special TRIPLE VINYL LIMITED EDITION!

A Side 
A1 The Stunned Guys & DJ Paul - Thrillseeka 
A2 Art of Fighters - Earthquake 
A3 Tommyknocker vs Sunbeam - Twisted world (The Viper mashup mix) 
A4 Traxtorm Gangstaz Allied - Hardcore Italia 
A5 DJ Mad Dog - Nasty

B Side 
B1 Amnesys - Worldwide crisis 
B2 Tommyknocker - Demolition
B3 Art of Fighters - Redemption
B4 DJ Mad Dog & Amnesys - Game over
B5 The Reactor & Raoul meet Impulse Factory - Hardcore will never die (The Viper rmx)

C Side
C1 DJ Mad Dog - Welcome down
C2 Tommyknocker - Criminal
C3 The Stunned Guys & DJ Paul feat. MC Ruffian - Hardcore takin' over
C4 AniMe - A-Bomb
C5 Art of Fighters - Oh my sun

D Side 
D1 Art of Fighters - F**k you!
D2 The Stunned Guys - Hymn
D3 DJ Mad Dog - A night of madness
D4 Amnesys - Refly
D5 AniMe - Detonate

E Side 
E1 DJ Lancinhouse meets The Stunned Guys - Atmosfera
E2 Art of Fighters - Do or die
E3 AniMe - Bass for your face
E4 DJ Mad Dog - Here comes the madness
E5 Art of Fighters - The beat can't change

F Side 
F1 DJ Mad Dog & AniMe - Hardcore machine
F2 Gabber Mafia - Gabber Mafia (Stunned Guys rmx)
F3 DJ Mad Dog - Rewind #TiH
F4 Amnesys - Elevation
F5 Art of Fighters - Artwork


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