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The videotape is packaged in a cardboard sleeve. Its title appears as "Thunderdome - The Best Of 98" on cover and "Thunderdome - The Best Of 1998" on both labels. It has no tracklisting and doesn't mention any artist name, but the name of the 3 featured parties is given on back cover and on screen during the video. Approximate tape duration: 39:20. Movie duration: 38:00.
Tracks VHS-2 & VHS-3 previously appeared on the free video registration of Global Hardcore Nation - The Cosmic Journey (the video was edited at the beginning of track VHS-2 though). Both tracks are shorter than on this original VHS. At the end of track VHS-3 there's a very short sound from I Won't Stop Rocking by Tellurian, which was the following track on the original VHS.
Video of tracks VHS-4 & VHS-5 is made of extracts from the same videotape, while the audio is taken from the DJ mix of Buzz Fuzz at the indoor edition of Mystery Land 1998 (the audio of tracks VHS-16 & VHS-17 is a shorter part of the same extract). In the first minute of track VHS-4, the original audio of the video extracts can still be heard at low volume: pieces from Evil Maniax - We Are The Creators Of Hardcore (Bodylotion Remix) played by DJ Panic.
Tracks VHS-7 to VHS-17 previously appeared on the Mystery Land 1998 Indoor Edition video registration. Tracks VHS-9, VHS-13, VHS-15 & VHS-17 are shorter than on this original video.
Tracks VHS-18 to VHS-21 previously appeared on the free video registration of Thunderdome at Mystery Land 1998 Outdoor, but the video is differently edited at the beginning of track VHS-18, and tracks VHS-18 to VHS-21 are shorter than on the original VHS. At the end of track VHS-19, there's a very short extract of an unknown track that followed "Shit From Jupiter" on the Thunderdome at Mystery Land video but wasn't kept here. The video of tracks VHS-22 and VHS-23 also previously appeared on that same VHS, but not the audio, which is a different part from the same live performance. The audio of tracks VHS-20 & VHS-21 was also released on the audio registration of this event.

Tracks VHS-10, VHS-11, VHS-22 and VHS-23 are live performances different from the original versions of the tracks.

During the 15 last seconds of the tape, there's a sine tone and the number "13071" appears at the bottom of the screen.


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