Thunderdome Live Presents Global Hardcore Nation

  • Thunderdome Live Presents Global Hardcore Nation
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DJ Rob & MC Joe (6:15)
1-01A DJ Jappo & Lancinhouse* – Exlxaxl   
1-01B X-Factor – The Underground   
1-01C DJ Paul* & Teenage Warning – Brohymn (This One's For Gabbers)   
Boris Valeo (14:24)
1-02A  USSR National Anthem   
1-02B James Daltan meets DJ X-Ess – Bad Time   
1-02C Placid K – Ride The Party (1st Mix)   
1-02D Hardcore Brothers, The* – Can You Thrill Me?   
1-02E Bellini Bros, The* – Samba De Janeiro   
1-02F Juggernaut – Communism   
DJ Buzz Fuzz (13:46)
1-03A Controllers, The – I Wanna Rock You   
1-03B Lenny Dee & Hardcore Warriors, The – Funky Twisted   
1-03C Chosen Few – Name Of The DJ (Buzz Fuzz Mix)   
1-03D DJ Buzz Fuzz* – Jealousy (Is A M.F.)   
DJ Gizmo (9:01)
1-04A Scott Brown – Disciples Of Hardcore   
1-04B DJ Gizmo – Shut 'M Down   
1-04C Square Dimension* – House Of Pain   
Darrien Kelly Feat. The Ultimate MC (12:22)
1-05A Hardsequencer – Braincrash   
1-05B Darrien Kelly & Stunned Guys, The – Main Motherfuckers   
1-05C Nasty Django – Hardcore M.F. (Shit's Psykosex Rmx)   
1-05D Darrien Kelly & Stunned Guys, The – Our Definition Of Oldstyle   
1-05E Darrien Kelly & Stunned Guys, The – Party Rico   
Lady Dana (21:04)
1-06A Lady Dana – Intro   
1-06B Klangwerk (2) – Fireman   
1-06C B.S.E. – Adess Se Qui   
1-06D DJ Attic & DJ Stylzz* – Showing It To Ya   
1-06E Mister DJ – Maximizer   
1-06F Kabaal – Blow That Shit   
1-06G Deywhitness* – Brrrr   

Live: Rob Gee (15:35)
2-01A Rob Gee feat. Mr. V (2) – Evil Concerto In Gee Major   
2-01B Rob Gee – E.C.S.T.A.S.Y.   
2-01C Rob Gee, Bass D & King Matthew* – Fight 4 Your Right 2 Party   
2-01D Rob Gee – Ecstasy, You Got What I Need   
Live: Marshall Masters Feat The Ultimate MC (9:57)
2-02A Inferno Brothers* – Slaves To The Rave   
2-02B Rave Creator – A New Mind (Cold Rush Phuturemix)   
2-02C Marshall Masters feat Ultimate MC* – I Like It Loud   
Live: 3 Steps Ahead (21:17)
2-03A 3 Steps Ahead – Good Time   
2-03B 3 Steps Ahead – So Much Trouble   
2-03C 3 Steps Ahead – I Just Love To Get Stoned   
2-03D 3 Steps Ahead – Motherfuckers You're Gonna Die   
Live: Rotterdam Terror Corps (5:56)
2-04 Rotterdam Terror Corps – We're Gonna Blow Your Mind   
Live: MC Drokz & Count Negative (8:34)
2-05A MC Drokz* & Count Negative – Intro   
2-05B MC Drokz* & Count Negative – Death Of A Zombie   
2-05C MC Drokz* & Count Negative – Lie & Die (The Song)   
Bonus Live Recorded DJ Set
DJ Weirdo (Final Appearance) (14:04)
2-06A Wasting Program – Step Right Up Folks (Step One Mix)   
2-06B DJ Weirdo & Dr. Phil Omanski – Young Birds   
2-06C DJ Mongoose – Rip Shit Up (DJ Isaac Remix)   
2-06D Masters Of Ceremony – Hardcore To Da Bone (Master Of Ceremony Dope Mx)



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