Rave Guardian 3

  • Rave Guardian 3
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CD1-01 DJ Attic & Stylzz* – Stick My Feeling  
CD1-02 Freakin' Fonz – Basscontroller  
CD1-03 Dr. Macabre – Poltergeist  
CD1-04 Hardcore Interphaze – There Can Be Only One!  
CD1-05 Scumbag – Scumbeats  
CD1-06 Wise Guy* – Junkfood  
CD1-07 DJ Madness* – Dance People  
CD1-08 Paratoxic – Jump!  
CD1-09 Mind-X-Pander – Off The Ground  
CD1-10 C-Squad – Welcome To The Rock  
CD1-11 Dimitri Overdrive – Crazy  
CD1-12 G-Noise – Alright  
CD1-13 DJ Oiz – Genospecies  
CD1-14 Flippin' Gee – Clap Your Hands  
CD1-15 Double Jack – Mutherf**ker  
CD1-16 Underground Resistance (2) – Back Underground  

CD2-01 DJ Dione – The Power Move  
CD2-02 Industrial Hardcore – Lifetime-X-Perience  
CD2-03 Etienne Picard – Get Up!  
CD2-04 DJ Roy – Escape!  
CD2-05 Nightbreed* – Welcome To Future  
CD2-06 DJ Marshall – Hardcore Will Never Die  
CD2-07 Omen, The – Let The Music Take Control  
CD2-08 Northern Boyz* – C'Mon Rock The Whole Town  
CD2-09 Z-Mok* – Aja (DJ Miss Zelda Remix)  
CD2-10 Mind Traveller* – Here We Go Again  
CD2-11 DJ Flomo – Citylive  
CD2-12 Powdered Nose, The – Frozen Few  
CD2-13 Noize-Maker – Let's Go  
CD2-14 Pyvo – The Guilty Will Be Punished  
CD2-15 Gabberdeus – Play My Game  
CD2-16 DJ Perry* – Psycopath


FGR 01-2310-2

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