Ophidian as Raziel - To Sing Of Desecration (2x12")

  • Ophidian as Raziel - To Sing Of Desecration (2x12")
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A1 When Adrift In Yesteryear 0:50
A2 To Deform The Present 4:40
A3 When Repelling Reflection 0:12
A4 To Revere Completion 4:32
B1 When Trapped In The Paradox 0:25
B2 To Forbid The Imperative 4:19
B3 When Crying In The Mist 0:31
B4 To Destroy What Is Broken (Destroyed By Serum) 5:28

C1 When Caught And Confused 0:21
C2 To Banish Sanity 5:39
C3 When Confronted With The Consequence 0:22
C4 To Punish The Weak (Punished By Tapage) 5:36
D1 When Cast Into Nullity 0:41
D2 To Fabricate The Future 5:10
D3 When Awaiting Impending Collapse 0:22
D4 To Pray For Amnesia 5:30


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