Ophidian - Between The Candle & The Star

  • Ophidian - Between The Candle & The Star
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Ophidian is an established name in the hardcore scene. With hits like Butterfly VIP, Psychiatric Ass, Angel, THe Mine, So Many Sacrifices and his legendary remix of Lenny Dee's classic Forgotten Moments he always makes a statement Hardcore is still active in his purest form. With his muscal sidesteps on his latest albums he decided to stay true to the core and created a 100% hardcore album with his own identical sound. A lot of new solo tracks that give light on this album and collabs with star artists like Ruffneck, Tha Playah Tapage, The Outside Agency and Minckz and remixes of Promo and The Viper.

1. Ophidian – Spoken
2. Ophidian – The rain
3. Ophidian vs. Tapage – Creating the future
4. Ophidian vs. Tha Playah – Illusions
5. Ophidian vs. DJ Ruffneck – Life of meaning
6. Ophidian – End of the earth (Part 2)
7. Ophidian – Harlequin
8. Ophidian feat. Minckz – The void (Fade)
9. Ophidian – Kraken
10. Ophidian vs. D-Passion – Breathe
11. Ophidian vs. Hamunaptra – Darkness incarnate
12. Ophidian – Abandon (Album mix)

1. A.K. Industry vs. Billy S. – Monster (Ophidian remix)
2. Ophidian – The middle children (The Viper remix)
3. DJ Promo – Life from the other side (Ophidian remix)
4. Ophidian – Formshift (The Outside Agency remix)
5. Angel – Industrial base (Ophidian remix)
6. Miss Hysteria – Particle physics (Ophidian remix)
7. Ophidian vs. Endymion – Destination underground (Hardshock Festival anthem 2013)
8. EnzymeX – Dissimulation (Rude Awakening remix)
9. Ophidian vs. The Outside Agency – The silence
10. Ophidian – The art of war (DJ Ruffneck remix)
11. Ophidian vs. Tapage – Head (Part 6)
12. Ophidian – Inception by sound (V.I.P. mix)
13. Lenny Dee – Forgotten moments (Ophidian remix) (Album mix)


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