Omkara Techichi - Dreamonic Vamperor (2CD)

  • Omkara Techichi - Dreamonic Vamperor (2CD)
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I-I The Coming Darkness 6:42
I-II The Blood God 4:46
I-III Seeds Of Terror 5:08
I-IV Death From Above 4:46
I-V I Hope They Scream 5:28
I-VI Destroy Everyone 5:41
I-VII Forces Of Chaos 4:58
I-VIII Shield Of Faith 6:58
I-IX The Ultimate Heresy 5:33
I-X Death Craft 4:40
I-XI Angels Of Death 5:29
I-XII Thirst For Violence 5:34
I-XIII Crushing All Opposition 4:50
I-XIV We Rise In Number 5:19

II-I Sanity Is For The Weak 6:25
II-II Annihilate Them All 5:13
II-III Prince Of Excess 6:07
II-IV Terrors Of Darkness 6:16
II-V Your Soul Is Mine 5:58
II-VI Welcome To Oblivion 5:12
II-VII Bloody Murder 5:31
II-VIII Return From Exile 5:14
II-IX Infect The Galaxy 5:08
II-X We Are The Destroyer 5:31
II-XI Feast On Their Flesh 5:04
II-XII Glory Of The Emperor 5:31
II-XIII Kiss Of Poison 4:20
II-XIV The End Of Days 4:59



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