Omar Santana - No Mercy

  • Omar Santana - No Mercy
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Tracklist 1
1.Hardstreet Shit
2.No Mercy (Ft. Nyocore)
3.Get Straight To It (Nyocore Remix)
4.Mosh Pit (Serial Killers Remix)
5.I'm Strictly Hardcore (Ft. Nyocore & The Guardian)
6.Wicked Style (Ft. Headbanger)
7.Toe Tappin' Muther Fucker (Ft. Nyocore)
8.Gutless (Headbanger Remix)
9.Mind Ripper (Dione Remix)
10.Mad Skillz (Ft. Quaternion)
11.Causing Hysteria (Ft. Javi Boss)
12.Mosh Pit (Ft. The H2Oh Dj Squad)
13.Break It Down
14.Step The Fuk Back (Dre Hectic Remix)

Tracklist 2
1.Brute Force
2.Live In L. A.
3.Step The Fuk Back (Lenny Dee Remix)
4.Demon Seed
5.Necronomicon (Neophyte Remix)
6.Bone Bastik
7.Stab Your Brain (Anas Remix)
8.World Domination
9.You Shall Die
10.Smash The Walls (Ft. Dj Sabotage)
11.Omar, Fuk It Up Kid
12.Old To Da New (Ft. Prophet) – Omar Remix
13.Ready To Brain Bash
14.Get Straight To It
15.Hardcore Moederneuker



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