N-Vitral - I Audioassault U

  • N-Vitral - I Audioassault U
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A personal statement delivered with finesse. After a solid foundation cast in industrial hardcore, N-Vitral has taken his much broader techno view on a trip through crossover and hard-hitting experiments. The action: assault! By any means necessary. And so has been done, as the 17 productions on Stefan Busker's first solo album prove. Now the question remains: are U up for the bombardment?

01 Pioneers
02 Warmachine
03 Telecore musique
04 Ghettocore
05 Fix your accent
06 Default interface
07 Boom boom pow pow
08 Lazerspacer
09 Mindbender
10 Somnambulistic
11 Pumpkraft
12 Shocque
13 Slapface cutie
14 I bleed squares & pulses
15 Panik motherfucker
16 Made free
17 Presidents of the multiverse



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