Hardcore The 2006 Yearmix

  • Hardcore The 2006 Yearmix
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Tracklist 1
1.Nosferatu - Beaver cleaver
2.Manga Corps - The hunter (Promo remix)
3.Neophyte vs. Evil Activities - Everlast
4.Art of Fighters - Bombermen
5.Placid K - Stay classy
6.Tha Playah - The rule of cool
7.Promo - We got to advance
8.Tommyknocker - Twist
9.Tha Playah - Bling bling
10.DJ Mad Dog - Kick that shit
11.Nexes - Dedicated to dancers
12.Tha Playah - Weird clit (Neophyte & Evil Activities remix)
13.DJ Mad Dog - So what about the...?
14.Placid K - G Member (Promo remix)
15.Tommyknocker - Finally
16.Dione - We shall see
17.Neophyte vs. Evil Activities - Invasion
18.Art of Fighters & Tommyknocker - Follow me
19.The Mover - Atmos-fear (Catscan remix)
20.DJ Inyoung & Static - Beat down
21.Art of Fighters vs. Nico & Tetta - Revenge
22.Dione - Ruff confusing
23.Angerfist feat. Crucifier - Broken chain
24.Ruffneck & Ophidian - All the way down
25.Tha Playah vs. DJ Mad Dog - Enter the time machine (Tha Playah mix)
26.Nosferatu - Knock out
27.Tommyknocker - Domination
28.DJ Inyoung & Static - War
29.Masoko Solo - Pessa pessa (Promo remix)
30.Hard Creation - We won’t have it
31.Neophyte - None of ya left (Evil Activities remix)
32.Endymion - Causin confusion

Tracklist 2
1.Tha Playah - Fuck the titties (Tommyknocker & The Viper remix)
2.Distortion & Paul Elstak - Game`s over
3.D-Passion - Designed to fail
4.Meccano Twins - Illusion
5.Outrage - No tears left (feat. Redrum)
6.The Viper - Blow da club down (The Viper & G-Town Madness remix)
7.Endymion & Ophidian - Petrifaction
8.Hard Creation - Break of dawn
9.Nosferatu & Endymion - Victorious
10.DJ Mad Dog - Dangerous
11.Tha Playah - The explained
12.DJ Inyoung & Static - Keep yappin
13.DJ Mad Dog - Disorder
14.Elite Forces - Can`t stop me now
15.Tha Playah vs. DJ Mad Dog - Enter the time machine (DJ Mad Dog mix)
16.Tommyknocker - The world is mine (DJ Inyoung & Static vs. System Snare remix)
17.Kasparov - Notorious
18.TRSE Creatures Allied - Disposal of outer power (Eardrums On Blood mix)
19.DJ Mad Dog - Welcome down
20.Hard Creation - I will have that power (The Stunned Guys remix)
21.Neophyte - Recht uit de ondergrond (feat. Ruffian)
22.Elite Forces - Borgnetic evolution
23.Hard Creation - Creators of the core
24.Kasparov - Scotch attack
25.Art of Fighters vs. Nick & Tetta - Shotgun (AoF Reloaded)
26.Omar Santana - Mind ripper (Dione remix)
27.DJ Mad Dog - Back the fuck up
28.Angerfist - Dance with the wolves
29.Day-Mar - Fuckin motherfuckin slit
30.Unexist & Tommyknocker - Step into our world
31.Neophyte vs. Evil Activities - Fuck that
32.DJ Partyraiser meets Scrape Face - Stap & draai



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