Evil Activities - Evilution

  • Evil Activities - Evilution
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Tracklist 1
2.Cold As Me (With Tha Playah)
3.No Place To Hide
4.To Claim The Future (With Endymion)
5.Raw To The Floor (With The Viper)
6.Extreme Audio
7.The Way I Am (Endymion Remix)
8.Never Fall Asleep (With Dj Panic & Mc Alee)
9.From Cradle To Grave (With Nosferatu & Tmc)
10.Quiet Dedication (With Dj Panic) (Neophyte & Tha Playah Remix)
11.Klaar Om Te Rossen (With Neophyte, Tha Playah, Dj Panic & Mc Alee)

Tracklist 2
1.Nobody Said It Was Easy
2.Vengeance (With Endymion)
3.Rocking With The Best (With Neophyte)
4.Murder (With Dj Panic)
5.Nothing (With Mc Ruffian)
6.Raise It Up (With Tha Playah & Mc Mike Redman)
7.2008 Skulls (With Neophyte) (Headbanger Remix)
8.Invincible (With Dj Panic & Mc Alee)
9.Do You Like Bass? (Tha Playah Remix)
10.Step Up
11.Pokkeherrie (With Neophyte)



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