Dj Promo - The Worst Of 2

  • Dj Promo - The Worst Of 2
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The second double disc Promo 'Worst of' collection is here! Titled 'The worst of 2', both discs are packed with tracks like 'Can you thrill me?', 'Fuck the rumours', 'Messin' with yo mind', 'The industry can't stop me' and the one that started it all 'Shut up!' A collector's vital piece and the perfect tool for cDJs. Silver is definitely the new gold, here's 2 CDs that tell the tale of gabber-nights and Promo-style future!

101 Counter attack
102 Ya gangsta music
103 Pressure on the fakes
104 Everything
105 What the fuck?
106 Can you thrill me?
107 Someone to hate
108 Lost minds
109 Feel the thunder
110 My claim to fame
111 Fuck the rumours
112 The new revolution
113 Broaden our minds
114 I called you
115 Beat ya brain again

201 Escape from the hostile
202 Brother of conflict
203 Messin' with yo mind
204 I hear ya comin'
205 Shit to die for
206 The industry can't stop me
207 95% against me
208 Rockin' with the best
209 What u want
210 Bad boy style
211 Devastation of thought
212 Cheating bitch (dedicated)
213 Bass power
214 Toch welleuk
215 Shut up!



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