Promo - The Revolutionist

  • Promo - The Revolutionist
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Tracklist 1
1.Intro (The Dancefloor) - Time For Revolution
2.The Voice Of A Rebel
3.We Got To Advance
5.Revenants Of Revolution
6.Reign Supreme
7.That Ain"T Real
8.The Revolutionist
9.Among The Best
10.As The Beat Goes On
11.Go Against The Grain
12.Down With Nothing (Feat. Lenny Dee)
13.Can't Be Stopped

Tracklist 2
1.Intro (The Studio) The Visionary
2.Many Styles And Forms
3.Original Thinker
4.Silence Is Dangerous
5.Represent By Example
6.Revolutionary Movement
7.Rage Ignites The Fire
8.Bass Management
9.No Man"S Spawn
10.Cyprinus Carpio (That Hunt For Mystery)
11.You Lost A Star
12.The Revolutionist (Radical Mix)
13.Don't Be Fucking My Shit

The DVD features the visual side of "The Revolutionist" containing old and new footage shot during the many parties Promo played in the Netherlands and far beyond.
From the highlight at Sensation Black to an illegal rave in a factoryhall om Siberia.
This wide selection of events and behind the decks moments, places the viewer next to Promo himself, and gives a thrilling impression of the reach of his music.



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