Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Speedcity (2CD+DVD)

  • Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Speedcity (2CD+DVD)
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CD1-01 Wonderfull Days 3:45
CD1-02 Stars 3:37
CD1-03 Together In Wonderland 3:40
CD1-04 Hardcore Feelings 3:47
CD1-05 Fantasy World 3:26
CD1-06 Party 3:33
CD1-07 Next 2 Me 3:45
CD1-08 Your Smile 3:36
CD1-09 Just Can't Get Enough 4:12
CD1-10 Live At London 3:26
CD1-11 Streetkids 3:48
CD1-12 Girls 3:11
CD1-13 This Christmas 4:05
CD1-14 Radio Megamix 4:32

CD2-01 DJ Fuck 3:46
CD2-02 Rebel 4:26
CD2-03 The Ultimate Sextrack 3:38
CD2-04 Verotted 2:57
CD2-05 Tiroler Kaboemsch 3:20
CD2-06 The Bird 4:07
CD2-07 1-2-3 For Germany 4:25
CD2-08 Motherfuck 3:54
CD2-09 Wonderfull Days (Hard Remix) 5:48
CD2-10 Stars (Hard Remix) 5:42
CD2-11 Live At London (Hard Remix) 5:07
CD2-12 Together In Wonderland (Hard Remix) 5:18
CD2-13 Speedcity 4:44

DVD-01 Wonderfull Days
DVD-02 Stars
DVD-03 Together In Wonderland
DVD-04 Hardcore FeelingsDVD-05 Fantasy WorldDVD-06 Party
DVD-07 Next 2 Me
DVD-08 Your Smile
DVD-09 Just Can't Get EnoughDVD-10 Live At London
DVD-11 Streetkids
DVD-12 Girls
DVD-13 This Christmas

NotesDisc 3 is a DVD featuring the videos of the tracks given under here, and a live footage.




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