Armin van Buuren - 001 A State Of Trance

  • Armin van Buuren - 001 A State Of Trance
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Tracklist - DISC 1:
1.Colours [Humate Remix] - with Miller & Floyd)
2.I Lost You [Bartology Mix] - with Chris Raven)
3.Impact [John Johnson Van Bellen Remix] (remix)
4.Dark Blue [Human's Movement's Cobalt Mix] - with Cabala)
5.Sacred Cycles [Quiver Mix] - with Pete Lazonby)
6.Love I Lost [Maxi Club Vocal] The - with Quadran)
7.From Russia With Love [Original Mix] - with DSP)
8.Galaxia [Solarstone Remix] (remix)
9.Invisible [Lost Tribe Vocal Remix] (remix)
10.Fixation [Airwave Remix] (remix)
11.Breathe - with The Art Of Trance featuring Caroline)
12.Eternity [Armin Van Buuren's Rising Star Mix] - with Alibi)

Tracklist - DISC 2:
1.Miller & Floyd - Colours (Humate Remix)
2.Chris Raven - I Lost You (Bartology Mix)
3.John Johnson - Impact (Van Bellen Remix)
4.Cabala - Dark Blue (Human's Movement's Cobalt Mix)
5.Pete Lazonby - Sacred Cycles (Quiver Mix)
6.Quadran Ft. Tasha - The Love I Lost (Maxi Club Voc
7.Matt Darey Pres. Dsp - From Russia With Love (Orig
8.Moonman - Galaxia (Solarstone Remix)
9.Tilt - Invisible (Lost Tribe Vocal Mix)
10.Andy Ling - Fixation (Airwave Remix)
11.Art Of Trance Ft. Carolyne Lavelle - Breath (Dawns
12.Alibi - Eternity (Armin Van Buuren's Rising Star R
13.Slusnik Luna - Cherish
14.Yahel - Devotion
15.Infernal Machine - Realistic
16.L.S.G. - I'm Not Existing (Oliver Lieb Main Mix)
17.Tata Box Inhibitors - Freet
18.Kamaya Painters - Far From Over (Oliver Lieb Mix)
19.Moogwai - Viola (Armin Van Buuren's Rising Star Re
20.Albion - Air 2000 (Hybrid's Supersonic Remix)
21.Auranaut - Yo Yo (G. Dear)
22.Paul Crogan Pres. Coffee Boys - Touch (James Holde
23.Gaia - 4 Elements (Extended Version)
24.Fred Numf Vs. Five Point - 3 Nights In A Blue Room
25.Breeder - Tyrantanic (Slacker's Kingdome Come Mix)



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