Various - 20 Years Of Industrial Strenght Remixen (3LP)

  • Various - 20 Years Of Industrial Strenght Remixen (3LP)
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Lenny founded Industrial Strength Records in the U.S.A. in 1991 becoming the first hardcore techno label in the world and one of the first electronic labels in the U.S.A. We now celebrate 20 years of Madness with this Triple Vinyl release which is jammed packed with all of the ISR hits we know and love. Get ready to have your eardrums assaulted by pounding kickdrums, twisted vocals and a range of hardcore styles from the hottest hardcore remixers on the planet ! Get ready for a history listen and a step to into the future with ‘Remixen - 20 years of ISR‘.

A1. Nasenbluten - Feeling Shit (Drokz Rmx)
A2. Strychnine - Utopia Project (Hellfish & Producer Rmx)
B1. Stormtrooper - 20 Years of Aural Butchering
B2. Wavelan - It Will Stand (r_AW Rmx)

C1. Lenny Dee - Fuckin Hostile (The Outside Agency Rmx)
C2. Temper Tantrum - The Underground Anthem (Tymon Rmx)
D1. DJ Skinhead - Extreme Terror (Neophyte Rmx)
D2. UVC - Death Is... (Tieum Rmx)

E1. D.O.A. - Wanna Be A Gangsta (Akira Rmx)
E2. Lenny Dee & DJ Gizmo - Muthafuckin Drum Machine (DJ Gizmo 2011 Rmx)
F1. ISR Live - Speedcore Mash
F2. ISR Live - D.O.A. Mash
F3. ISR Live - Nasen Mash


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