15 Years Of Nightmare

  • 15 Years Of Nightmare
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CD1: Present
Tha Playah
1-01 –Tha Playah Vs. Evil Activities Cold As Me
1-02 –Tha Playah Bounce Back
1-03 –Nitrogenetics Pledge Of Resistance
1-04 –Tha Playah Vs. Evil Activities Imperial
1-05 –DJ Neophyte Vs. Tha Playah Feat. MC Alee The Ultimate Project
1-06 –Tha Playah Rotterdam Nightmare
1-07 –Nexes Unstoppable
1-08 –Tha Playah Mastah Of Shock (Angerfist Remix)
1-09 –DJ Mad Dog Awful Sound
1-10 –Neophyte Vs. Stunned Guys, The The Soul Collector (The Official 15 Years Of Nightmare Anthem)
1-11 –Promo Your Love Is Gone
1-12 –D-Passion Self-Made
1-13 –Endymion Payback (D-Passion Remix)
1-14 –D-Passion Realism (Promo Remix)
1-15 –Promo Battling Ignorance
1-16 –Wishmaster, The Back Forever
1-17 –Evil Activities No Place To Hide
1-18 –Wishmaster, The Get Out My Way
1-19 –Promo Different Breed Of Men (Meccano Twins Remix)
1-20 –Promo The Grower

CD2: Legends
Paul vs. Panic
2-01 –DJ Paul* Vs. DJ Panic Up Yours
2-02 –Evil Activities What's Inside Me?
2-03 –Dark Twins, The Abstract Beatin' System
2-04 –Tilt! Sound-State Of Emergency
2-05 –Hard Creation Bastard / Asshole
2-06 –RTC* Are You Prepared To Die?
2-07 –G-Town Madness & Viper, The Here It Comes
2-08 –Nosferatu & Endymion All The Way Up
2-09 –Damage Inc* Turn Around (The Viper Remix)
2-10 –Scott Brown King Of The Beats
2-11 –DJ Buzz Fuzz* Vs. Bass D & King Matthew* It's Alright (Stunned Guys Remix)
2-12 –Zero Six Project Motherfuckin' DJ
2-13 –DJ Paul* Paul's Nightmare
2-14 –DJ Paul* Luv U More (Stunned Guys Remix)
2-15 –Scott Brown Vs. Omar Santana Shoot This MF
Ruffneck vs. Gangsta Alliance
2-16 –Comababy Machines On E
2-17 –Knightvision Vs. Wedlock Wayz Of The Core
2-18 –Neophyte Number One Fan
2-19 –Tim B & Da TMC Bleeding Ears
2-20 –Knightvision The Search For Mariuhana
2-21 –Lenny Dee The Dreamer
2-22 –Myztic vs. Myrmidon Pop Goes Da Pistol
2-23 –Knightvision Mindwar
2-24 –Wedlock Evolution Theory
2-25 –Outside Agency, The Touch The Darkness
2-26 –Jappo* & Lancinhouse* Exlxaxl
2-27 –Pino D'Ambini Up & Down Ballz



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