Qlimax - 2009 The Nature Of Our Mind (CD/DVD)

  • Qlimax - 2009 The Nature Of Our Mind (CD/DVD)
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DVD-1 –No Artist Qlimax, The Nature Of Our Mind 
DVD-2 –No Artist The Documentary 
DVD-3 –No Artist Brennan Heart Live 

CD-1 –Brennan Heart Qlimax Intro 
CD-2 –Brennan Heart Just As Easy (Wildstylez & SMD Rmx) 
CD-3 –Brennan Heart Musical Impressions 
CD-4 –Brennan Heart Feel U Here (Qlimax Edit) 
CD-5 –Brennan Heart Van Halen Is A Rockstar (Qlimax DJ Tool) 
CD-6 –Showtek We Speak Music 
CD-7 –Brennan Heart One Blade (Qlimax Quit) 
CD-8 –Wild Motherfuckers Fuck It Up (Brennan Heart Re-Edit) 
CD-9 –Clive King And Xzellar Evolution Leaps FWD (Rmx) 
CD-10 –Unknown Analoq Like Your Style (DJ Tool) 
CD-11 –Showtek Freak 
CD-12 –Brennan Heart Till You Believe It 
CD-13 –Viper, The & G-Town Madness Come As One (Brennan Heart Rmx) 
CD-14 –Noisecontrollers Venom (Wildstylez Rmx) 
CD-15 –Headhunterz The Sacrifice (Brennan Heart Rmx) 
CD-16 –Brennan Heart Remember, Remember (2009 Re-Edit) 
CD-17 –Frontliner The First Cut 
CD-18 –Brennan Heart Audiometric (Qlimax Audience Check Up) 
CD-19 –Brennan Heart & Wildstylez Reputation Game



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