Hard Bass 2004 (DVD)

  • Hard Bass 2004 (DVD)
Expected delivery time: 3 Workdays

Featuring – Balistic, Bass-D & King Matthew, Beholder, The, Catscan, Isaac*, Luna*, DJ Outblast, Panic*, DJ Pavo, DJ Rob & MC Joe, DJ Zany, Dana, Deepack, Gary D., Lars Tindy, MC Alee, MC Ruffian, Max Enforcer, Technoboy

1 Hard Bass (Utrecht)  43:25
2 Hard Bass (Zoetermeer)  6:10
3 Extra's 
3a Crowd Reaction  8:40
3b Photo Gallery  17:57
3c Hard Bass Commercial (Utrecht)  0:25

Live registration of "Hard Bass" party held on October 23rd 2004 at Jaarbeurs in Utrecht.

Also contains footage of "Hard Bass" at Silverdome, Zoetermeer (14-02-2004).



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