Deadly Guns - The Chosen Ones (2CD)

  • Deadly Guns - The Chosen Ones (2CD)
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1. The Chosen Ones III (with Sovereign King)
2. The Brotherhood
3. In Control (With Delete)
4. The Ultimate Paul Mash-up (With DJ Paul)
5. Playing With Fire (With Dither)
6. Here Comes The Pain
7. Killer Squad (With Bloodlust)
8. Against The Shadows (With Tha Watcher)
9. Fuel & Fire (With Malice)
10. Burning Skies
11.Reborn In Darkness (With Sovereign King)
12. Unbelievers (With F.Noize)
13. End Of The World

Tracklist CD2
1. Rip It Open (With Ncrypta)
2. Mad Men (With Dither)
3. Victorious (With Requiem & Carola)
4. Wall of Bass (With D-Fence)
5. Invincible (with E-Force)
6. Ill Street Blues (With N-Vitral)
7. From The South (With Warface)
8. The Lone Wolves (With Killshot & Sovereign King)
9. The Chosen Ones II (With Tha Watcher)
10. Undefeated (With F.Noize)
11. Pure Domination (With MBK)
12. Deathrow (With DRS & MC Ravage


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